The CollFootballProGear service (hereinafter "the Site", "we", "us", "our", "Product" etc.) respects and values the information provided by our users, and intends to keep it in safety and not to divulge to third parties.

Our principles of confidentiality are regulated by the legislation of the United States and ethical standards.

To improve user-friendliness, the Site will collect, store, process, use and distribute personal information if needed.

The Site is also having the right and might send promo letters about sales and other events within the CollFootballProGear project.

This Privacy Policy applies to any user information we get from user during the use of the Product. The Privacy Policy does not apply to the information that became public for not related to us reasons, for instance information obtained from third parties, or that was known before user's registration.

The Site can provide access to personal information about the Site’s users in case if the user gave consent to the Site for such actions, or if it’s required by the law and (or) by government authorities in accordance with the USA legislation.

CollFootballProGear only provides confidential information to its employees in order to make services work as they should. In exceptional cases we can provide access to user's personal information if this user granted his permission, or if it was requested by government authorities in accordance with the USA legislation.

Invalidity of one or more provisions of our Policy, does not negate other provisions until we give relevant statement.

Relationship of the parties regulations that are not mentioned in this article, are executed under provisions of the applicable USA legislation.

All disagreements and disputes between the Parties shall be resolved in the negotiation format.